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Can’t stop tweeting, posting and poking? Perhaps they’re a social media addict. One can’t seem to talk to anyone right away when going to a family dinner, without first posting about the arrival on a social network, or even don’t go to that family dinner, because they are so engaged in social media – then they’re probably are a social media addict.

Not everyone is prone to social media addiction – here are some factors which put one at a greater risk: Anxiety - A person that uses social media as a distraction from dealing with the bigger problems in life. By communicating with anonymous people around the world about their lives, they can ignore their own problems.

Depression – Social media makes them feel better because it gives them pleasure, but too much time online makes things worse, by contributing to stress, isolation and loneliness.

Addictive Personality Type – If they have other addictions, such as drugs, alcohol, gambling or sex, they could have an addictive personality. This personality type is more prone to other addictions – and they could add social media to their list of addictions.

Loneliness – They lack the support of friends and family in the real world, so they seek out new relationships online. However, the lack of real world friends and family leaves them vulnerable to being taken advantage of online, or developing relationships which aren’t real, and just add to their loneliness and depression.

Stress – Many use the Internet to relieve stress, others spend so much time online, it causes even more stress. It becomes a never ending cycle, where they feel the need to go online to check their social networks, yet they realize they have to do other things in the day, which they won’t have time for.

We at Educall give effective counselling to the students for social media addiction.